Choosing The Right Contractor

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We strive to provide only the best service. Our certified installers are masters of their craft. We will only use top of the line industry leading materials to ensure your investment is protected for years to come. Thank you for choosing Nationwide!


Hector Sahonero


Hector started the company in 2006 when he realized that there was a need in the roofing business that no one was fulfilling. He started the company with the core values of integrity, transparancy and investing in his people, both clients and employees alike.

Julio Reyes

Project Manager

Julio has brought in valuable experience from many other fields to help bring Nationwide to the point it is at today. His expertise and care for a job well done will ensure that your needs are fully met.

Jenni Tobar

Administrative Assistant

Jenni’s quick responses and ability to handle difficult situations reflect appropriately on the company’s core values. Her hard work in the background ensures that the delivery of your project will happen in a timely and concise manner.